Its funny how until very recently, diamonds of considerably lower colors with brownish hues and yellowish overtones, were simply known as "low color diamonds".
Lower colored diamonds, are not as scarce or valuable as diamonds of icy white colors and therefore command less of a premium than the diamonds of higher (better) color grades.
Problem was, certain diamond mines tended to only produce diamonds of substantially lower colors. Well these are diamonds too and they needed to be sold..right? Well, of course!
Some brilliant marketing guru came up with an incredible idea; why not market these diamonds with finesse! Indeed, why not turn the very liability of the stone into something positive?
Thus, was born the marketing strategy known as "chocolate diamonds," "cognac diamonds," and/or "champagne diamonds".
You turn the negative into a positive.......
"Cognac" diamond ring by Judith Harnell.
Companies like Levian, went ahead and marketed the "heck" out of these "chocolate diamonds" which were unpopular and undesireable.
Subsequently and as a result of these marketing efforts, consumers who never would have given a second glance at a "brownish diamond" of poor color, were now looking at purchasing "cognac diamond jewelry".
And so it is today.
This disbeliever (yours truly;-)), also thought the whole marketing thing with chocolate diamonds was a bunch of hooey...........that is until I decided to make a pair of diamond cufflinks for myself, which features an outer ring of brilliant white diamonds, with "cognac" diamonds in the center.
The effect of the white diamonds contrasting with the "champagne diamonds" is absolutely incredible!!
It is literally a thing of beauty and now I am a true believer in the beauty and usefulness of brown diamonds!
To be honest, I dont know if Id go out looking for a honking brownish (a.k.a. "chocolate") diamond engagement ring, or pair of diamond studs. Personally, I think that for these kind of purchases, you are better off staying away from brown diamonds and instead looking for a diamond that will lend itself to maximizing its refracted brilliancy (which is why you purchase a diamond in the first place).
To this end, a reasonably white diamond will do the best job of accomplishing your objectives.
However, when it comes to jewelry pieces, like cufflinks, brooches, rings, necklaces, pendants bracelets, etc., all bets are off!
In fact, I think that brown diamonds tastefully combined with white diamonds in a piece of jewelry, is one of the most gorgeous jewelry items you will ever lay eyes upon!
So if you are thinking "chocolate" "cognac" "champagne" diamonds...GREAT IDEA!
Just make sure you incorporate these diamonds in a jewelry piece or ensemble that will do justice to the beauty of these stones.
Same for any jewelry store owner thinking of selling diamond jewelry with white and chocolate diamonds; great idea!
Judah Gutwein, Diamond Vues - New York,NY,USA