In anticipation of possible negative fallout from the release of Hollywoods “The Blood Diamond” movie the International Gemological Institute (IGI) said it offers verifiable documentation regarding the origin of all diamonds.
In a press release issued on May 25, the IGI said that its Certificate of Authenticity not only authenticates diamonds but also confirms full compliance with the Kimberley Process, the United States 2003 Clean Diamond Act and the USA Patriot Act. The IGI Certificate of Authenticity aims at increasing consumer confidence by assuring consumers that their diamonds were responsibly mined, ethically sourced and traded from the origin to the retail marketplace - making them “conflict free.”
"IGI has for years issued verifiable documentation regarding the origin of Canadian diamonds, and we now offer verifiable documentation for the origin of all diamonds,” said IGI president and CEO Jerry Ehrenwald. “Two of IGIs primary goals are to ensure peace of mind to the consumer and help safeguard our industrys reputation by doing all we can to further the gemological community."
By Jeanette Goldman of Rapaport News