Graff Diamonds, world leaders in diamonds and fine jewellery are displaying its unique collection of magnificent jewels in Monte Carlo including rare fancy coloured diamonds and gems in every size and shape.
Naturally coloured diamonds come in a variety of hues and depths of colour – red, pink, blue, and yellow. As very few fancy diamonds are of exceptional quality, those that do exist are considered to be extremely valuable.
Laurence Graff has included some of the world’s rarest jewels - a fancy light pink pearshape diamond weighing 70.39 carats, the regal 90 carat yellow cushion cut Tsarina diamond, a fancy deep blue internally flawless heartshape diamond ring, the Graff Ruby weighing 8.62 carats and many, many more exceptional stones - these phenomenal gifts of nature are among several hundreds of carats on display.
As with all Graff jewels, each piece is designed and made by hand in the Graff workshops with extraordinarily delicate settings which reveal the beauty and intense colours of the gemstones.