Nunavuts first diamond mine is producing some pretty impressive stones right from the start.
Officials with the Jericho diamond mine say in June miners found a 59-carat, high-quality diamond worth about $400,000. The diamond is about 2.5 centimetres in diameter, the size of a large marble.
Grant Ewing, who speaks for the Tahera Diamond Corporation, says they were expecting to find some big diamonds from the mine, which opened for commercial production on July 1.
"These large-value gems are really the bread and butter, the real payback diamonds," he said. "So it says that this diamond mine can produce large, high-value stones, so were quite optimistic about the future."
The miners also found two lower quality diamonds which were over 100 carats each.
Ewing says they believe the two diamonds were one, but they were split up during processing.
The Jericho mine is located about 400 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, just over the border from the N.W.T., in Nunavut.