(New York - WABC, February 11, 2007) - About half of a million people will get engaged this Valentines Day, and as Cupid gets ready to shoot his arrow many suitors will embark on the search for the perfect diamond. But how do you know what stone is the right choice for your sweetheart?
Bridal Guide Editor-in-Chief Diane Forden would be delighted to bring five of the most popular engagement ring cuts to ABC and guide viewers through a sparkling selection of diamonds.
1. Round cut diamond
Over half of all diamond engagement rings include Round cut diamonds, the most popular cut. Also known as Brilliant cut, this tried-and-true shape reflects more light than any other. Avril Lavigne showed her traditional side by wearing a round solitaire. This shape complements a woman who is trustworthy and easygoing.
2. Princess cut diamond
Second in popularity, this relatively new square shape has a modern, understated feel. It combines a sparkly, brilliant effect with a geometric step-cut. You can attribute its spectacular glitter to extra faceting around the rim. Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood in front of thousands of fans with a sparkling Princess cut diamond. This choice says shes decisive and fun-loving.
3. Asscher cut diamond
Vintage-inspired shapes like the Asscher and Cushion cuts have enjoyed a big resurgence in popularity. Square with angular corners, the Asscher shape dates back to the late 1800s. If you look closely, youll see that its actually a step-cut, meaning the facets are rectangular and seem to descend into the stone. Director Len Weisman proposed to Kate Beckinsale with this retro ring. The choice says shes feminine and meticulous.
4. Cushion cut diamond
Rectangular with curved sides, the Cushion cut first hit big in the 18th century. When Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner a Cushion cut rock, the cut was back on the charts with its modern-meets-vintage feel. This is the perfect stone for a woman who is organized and daring.
5. Heart cut diamond
This century-old shape, symbolizing love and devotion, should be well-proportioned for optimum sparkle. Kid Rock proposed to Pamela Anderson with a heart-shaped yellow diamond. This choice says shes sentimental and dreamy.
Eyewitness News: 7Online.com - New York,NY,USA