A fancy vivid pink diamond ring by prestigious jeweller Harry Winston. Pink is definitely a popular colour among women. Besides the usual assortment of clothes, Life and Style reporter Michelle Carlson explores another side of fashion where pink is an asset.
When actress Jennifer Lopez was engaged to actor Ben Affleck, he purchased a $US1.2 million ($A1.5 million) 6.1 carat intense pink, radiant cut diamond by Harry Winston, the world-renowned luxury jeweller. This highly publicised fact also pushed this precious gem into the limelight.
Pink diamonds are not commonly found and are generally known among the privileged few who are able to afford their rarity. They are highly in demand and have price tags to match. Due to the scarcity of pink diamonds in the marketplace, they are not readily found in all jewellery stores.
The same criteria that apply for white diamonds also apply for coloured diamonds, such as the pink stones we are focusing on here. Evaluators look at the diamonds colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. For white diamonds the preference is for colourless or near-colourless; whereas for coloured diamonds like pink, the more intense the colour the better.
The largest pink diamond to be rated a Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the Steinmetz Pink Diamond. Discovered in Africa, this 59.60 carat pink diamond was graded Internally Flawless, a rare clarity grade, and took approximately 20 months to cut by the Steinmetz Group. A pink diamond this size is extraordinary since they are typically found in smaller sizes.
The average size of the pink diamonds sold at the special Pink Diamond Tender held by Argyle Diamonds, the worlds main source of pink diamonds, is one carat. The pink diamonds are sold individually at the auction, which is by invitation only, and sell for more than $US100,000 ($A128,000) per carat. Not all pink diamonds are selected for the tender though, only the more exquisite diamonds from the years production. One carat out of one million carats from the Argyle mine will be suitable.
Argyle Diamonds are famous for the colour intensity of their pink diamonds. The pink diamonds from the Argyle mine come in different hues and are categorised by pink, purplish pink, brownish pink and pink champagne. They are also evaluated based on the colour saturation.
The GIA has nine categories for grading coloured diamonds – faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid.
The asking price for a fancy pink diamond of the same size, shape and clarity as a fancy vivid pink diamond would be less. Of course, other factors, such as secondary undertones, may also affect the price.
Nevertheless, the beauty of pink diamonds is undeniable. People say that rarity makes something special—that would be the case for pink diamonds.
Michelle Carlson, Epoch Times Australia Staff