LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM 10-04-2007 – Harrods, London’s legendary department store in Knightsbridge, has been highlighting its 2007 Easter season with a £1 million Easter Egg. Made of the famous Belgian “fondant-chocolate” the lucky buyer of the egg will also receive a diamond necklace, set with no fewer than 100 carats of polished diamonds.
For those chocolate lovers who may struggle to come up with the £1 million, there is a cheaper option. The egg, evidently, is pretty much the same as the more expensive item, but it comes packaged with less costly jewelry.
Harrods, which is London’s third most popular tourist destination after Buckingham Palace an the London Tower is known for its extravagant promotions. In 1976 its catalogue listed a live elephant, and the most expensive item ever listed was a € 12 million diamond necklace.
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