RAPAPORT... AGS Laboratories released a new brochure for consumers calling it: High-Performance Diamonds 101, Your Guide to the AGS Cut Grade. The guide educates consumers on all factors that go into the AGS Cut Grade and explains the benefits of the Diamond Quality Document the laboratory concluded.
The new guide also features a history of AGS Laboratories, a map of the DQD, a breakdown of the Cut Grade components, as well as a glossary of light-performance terms.
"Your Guide to the AGS Cut Grade serves as both as a sales tool for the jeweler, and a resource to educate the consumer on the details of the AGS Cut Grade," said Peter Yantzer, executive director of AGS Laboratories.
"When we first came out with the Cut Grade, we created literature to educate the trade on our system. This new brochure, however, is the first piece that explains it to the consumer."
In 2005, AGS released the Performance-Based Cut Grading System for both the round brilliant and princess. AGS recently added emerald cuts to its cut grade mix, and plans are under way to release other shapes in the near future.
The science supporting the AGS Performance-Based Cut Grade System reflects AGSs transition from a proportion-based to a performance-based cut grade system, where all facets of a diamond are measured in three dimensions rather than two dimensions. The Lab uses ray tracing software to trace light traveling through a diamond. The software demonstrates the quantity and quality of the light being returned to the viewer.
By Jeff Miller via Rapaport News