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We pride ourselves on not only providing the best quality diamonds in handmade designs at the best prices but also on providing as many independent guarantees as possible:

a) All our diamonds of 0.5 carat and above are certified by any one of the most reputable independent laboratories (e.g. GIA, HRD, AGS and the IGI. See FAQs for more on "How does the HRD compare to the GIA?" and on "How does IGI compare to GIA and HRD"?

This way you have independent verification of the quality of the diamond. Just one grade difference in colour or clarity can make > £500 in price in diamonds that are >1 carat so we do not like to be both judge of quality and the vendor.

b) Rob Van Buerden who handpicks the best cut diamonds, is a member of the main Diamond Bourse in Antwerp. There are only 1500 members worldwide across 23 countries so its an exclusive club of experts: Beurs voor Diamanthandel C.V.B.A.

Pelikaanstraat 78 ,B-2018 ,Antwerpen,Tel: +32 (0) 3 233.53.13, Fax: +32 (0) 3 233.53.13

Member Name: Rob Van Beurden, Member Number: VAN2414

Being a member of the Diamond Bourse is the highest honour, privilege and responsibility that is possible in the industry as members are bound by a strict code of ethics. For more information, see Antwerp Diamond Bourse.

c) We handpick our diamonds to maximise cut (as the quality of cut determines how well a diamond will sparkle). All our diamonds score the highest marks for proportions on grading reports - so no compromises here.

d) How do you know that the loose diamond we show you matches its grading report? All our diamonds of 0.5 carat and above are laser inscribed with the grading report number on the girdle so you can be assured that the loose diamond you chose matches the accompanying report. The laser inscribed number is so small that it can be viewed only with x14 loupe and so this does not affect the diamond in any other way.

e) Is it a natural diamond or lookalike or has it been treated to remove the inclusions e.g. by laser drilling? An imperfect low grade clarity diamond (I1 to I3) is worth considerably less than higher grades by as much as 80% the value of the top grade diamonds! Laser-drilling of imperfect I1-I3 grade diamonds can make them look like they are very high clarity e.g. VS to VVS...i.e. you would not be able to detect the inclusions under a loupe as they will have been removed but the value still remains as if it were a grade I1 to I3! ONLY expert graders can detect whether a diamond has been treated. Hence, we sell only certified diamonds so that you can be assured that they are natural diamonds.

f) We are committed to offering high-quality diamonds, sourced from the world's largest and best suppliers. As responsible citizens and jewellery merchants, we share the public's concern regarding conflict diamonds. Hence, we only purchase our diamonds through respected, well-established, legal channels. We support the efforts of the Diamond Council and any industry initiatives that seek to prevent the trade of diamonds from war-torn areas. We are encouraged by recent actions on this front, including the United Nations Security Council approval of Sierra Leone's diamond certification plan, and we will work with the jewellery industry to find the best way to enforce this.

g) Orders are secured with a 10% deposit - the rest is payable when the jewellery is completed to your satisfaction. Most clients pick up in person and pay the remaining balance. All jewellery that is to be delivered will need to be paid for 100% on completion before we Fedex it out. If for any reason you are not satisfied with remote ordered jewellery, you can return your item within 7 days in its original condition for a refund or exchange.

h) All our diamond jewellery comes with free aftercare service for the lifetime of the jewellery including any re-sizing of rings (except for full diamond eternity bands which have to be made exactly to size). In order to keep your jewellery looking at its best, you should come back to us for servicing (clean, polish and re-check diamond claws) at least once a year (ideally every six months).

i) Lifetime Trade-Up: For individual diamonds of 0.5 carat or more, we offer a life-time trade up: you get 100% of your diamond’s purchase price (trade price is set in US dollars per carat), less applicable VAT and the cost of the jewellery setting, toward a more expensive diamond. The diamond and its grading report must be in their original undamaged condition.


Here is a small selection of comments from satisfied clients. Names and contact numbers available upon request.


I can't thank you enough for my beautiful ring. Although I trusted Rohan to pick out a nice one I doubt he could have organised so beautiful a ring without all your help and expertise. He said to me that you originally thought that I would like an antique style on hearing what I was like. How right you were and even more so when you designed exactly the same ring as I had been picturing. Although I am biased - I think I may have one of the most original and beautiful rings I have ever seen and have had so many compliments on it. Its a testament to the good work you do.

Jane (Jimmy Choo) & Rohan (PWC), London


Hi Indira - what can i say !! - Charlotte will contact you on her return to London , but it is safe to say that she is "over the moon" with the ring .
It's even better than she expected .
I'm delighted too - it really looks amazing , of all the rings we saw previous to meeting you I never saw anything sparkle so much .
Anyway , thanks again for all your help during the selection process - look forward to meeting you later this year for the Wedding ring .


Rob, Rabo Bank, Amsterdam


Hi Indira,

Just a quick line to say my wife is very pleased with the ring.

Many thanks and I will see you again in the future.


Keith, Schroders, London


Just a quick note to say that John was also delighted with the ring, and particularly happy with the setting and way it sits against my wedding band. Needless to say, I am thrilled beyond belief. I couldn't get hold of John, so called my parents in Montreal to tell them all about it! Still seems like a dream - I woke up at 3 am and checked to see it really was on my finger!

Please express my appreciation to Rob for finding my perfect diamond and to Stefan for bringing John's vision to life.

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

HH, Citigroup, London


I can't tell you how happy we both are with my ring. It is utterly gorgeous and I still can't stop looking at it even though it's been four months! All my friends love it too - and they are on to their boyfriends/ husbands to treat them.

With Very Best Wishes,


Mahreen, Urologist, London


Thanks again for all your assistance in helping make my dream engagement ring. Both Philip and I love it.

Thanks very much.


Emma, Citigroup, London


Thanks Indira.

I love the ring and we can't stop staring at it!

See you in June for the wedding bands.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mahreen xx.

Mahreen, Urologist, London


Hi Indira,

Just a quick message to say a big THANK YOU for my beautiful engagement ring! I

wasn't expecting to get it until this weekend as you know, so I went to

Amsterdam to see Rob on Friday and I think he was intending to save it til

Valentines Day but he was too impatient and gave it to me as soon as I walked

through the door! I am so glad he did as I had two whole extra days to enjoy it!

The diamond is just amazing and everyone has commented on how sparkly it is and

I think it gets more sparkly by the day! Thank you very much for all your help.

I will be contacting you just after the summer to order the matching wedding

band to complete the look for our wedding in December.

Many thanks and kindest regards, Charlotte

Charlotte, Bloomberg, London


What can I say? I am absolutely bowled over by my beautiful engagement ring. It is everything that I had imagined it would be, only more so in the flesh!

The whole process of aquiring my engagement ring, from browsing your web-site initially, to meeting with you to select the diamond and having the setting made to my design has been very professional and pleasurable. Our thanks also to Rob and Stephan for their expertise and craftmanship. Above all our thanks to you Indira, for your patience, knowledge and guidance throughout.

We arrive at the end of our transaction not only with a perfect engagement ring and wedding bands, but with every possible guarantee and reassurance that we could hope for. I trust that we will continue to keep in touch to service our jewellery over the years and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and family.

Jane & Keith, High Wycombe


Just a quick mail to thank you for an excellent service & end product. My fiancée loved the ring as has everyone else, it was definitely the right choice of style.

Please also pass on my thanks to Rob and should I be in the market for any future diamond purchases I will certainly be in contact again.

Gary, Deutsche Bank, London


Ring is smashing!!! She loves it!!!!

Just the right size too................real pleasure dealing with you and Rob so easy to deal with.

Will definitely recommend you to any one that asks.

Leigh, Essex


we are thrilled with our ring. We decided not to go for a wedding band (after all I know I'm married!) and I am now wearing it as an engagement / wedding / 40th / drop dead gorgeous ring. Can I say more!!
We found the whole experience great and would not hesitate to return (I've already started work on the earrings idea). If you want to put us forward as referees, please feel free to do so.

Many thanks

Gail and Richard, home counties


The ring is fab, just how I wanted it. Your jeweller is a great craftsman who has interpreted the design from the photo extremely well, thank you .

I will be coming back to you soon to plan our wedding rings!

Aleisha, London


The ring is absolutaly wonderfull & fits well.

Kellie didnt now what to say or what to do when she got the ring , she even

forgot that I was standing in front of her. She was probably blown away of

surprize when opening the box and seeing it !!!!

Once again THANK YOU very Much ,all has been very much appreciated. Will

stay in contact with U for further services later in time.

Werner, London


I can tell you she absolutely loved the ring, which was a great relief as she has discriminating taste. Apparently several people (albeit probably people who are not very knowledgeable about diamond rings!) have said it is the most beautiful engagement ring they have ever seen. So whilst I take that with a pinch of salt, I am obviously delighted. Thank you very much for all your help!

MM, Lovells, London


Tammy loves her ring - very happy! It looks fabulous on as well. Many thanks to you, Rob and Stephan.

S, Killick and Co, London


My family (especially my mum) love the earrings. I have not taken them off since yesterday. I keep looking at every mirror I pass to see the sparkle of the earrings.

Thank you so much for helping through my purchase. I am delighted with the result.

SS, Allen & Overy, London


everything went fantastically well, and am now happily engaged. Lara absolutely loved the ring, as is everyone who has seen it. Thank you very much for everything you've done, and if you could also please thank Rob very much for me as well.

Craig, ABN Amro


Bloody hell (referring to the size of the diamond)...its amazing!

Gareth, Barclays Capital, London


I LOVE my ring...its absolutely beautiful! It made me cry when I saw it!

JA, Slaughter & May, London


Its perfect! Thank you for an excellent service!

Saul, London


Everything went well in NY and she really liked the ring and it fitted.

Thank you very much again.

David, ABN Amro Bank, London


Thank you for all your help - her ring is perfect! I will recommend you.

BM, BNP Paribas, London


we very much enjoyed our stay in Antwerp and meeting Maurice on Saturday. Thank you very much for arranging everything

FS, AT Kearney, London


Thank you very much for all your help and could you pass my thanks onto Rob and the guys. Angela's ring is even nicer than we expected (better than any we have seen) and helped contribute to a special day

Andrew, Fujitsu, Bracknell


Dear Indira,
I would just like to write this message to say a huge "Thank You" for all the time, effort and advice you gave to Craig in helping to choose a diamond and design my engagement ring.

The ring is perfect and so much prettier than I ever imagined.

Craig told me all about the first class service you provided. Your professionalism and excellent advice is truly appreciated by us both.

Please accept our sincere thanks and I look forward to meeting you in January.

Kind regards,


Jo (teacher) and Craig (BT)


Hi Indira -

I have been travelling with work with limited access to e-mails so hence the delay in letting you know my girlfriend /fiancée LOVED THE RING!!!!! Thanks again in doing such a great job, She /I am are over the moon!

All the Best


Duncan, independent management consultant, Berkshire



Lovely to see you again too. We are still in shock - the ring is stunning, and I am not sure I managed to express that when I saw you yesterday because of the shock! I can't stop looking at it and I can't believe its mine! I went straight back to work after I saw you and had many many compliments.

Thanks so much to you and Rob for all the help. Both the diamond and the setting are just perfect.

Thanks for the cleaning tips and I have already diarised to come back in 6 months before my wedding to get a clean and check up. Also, quick question about cushion diamonds - people keep asking me what that means, and I know you had sent me an excellent explanation before, could you kindly send it to me again.

Thank you again, and I am now in the process of trying to convince Nik to get me some matching earrings/pendent - maybe next year!

Take care

Seema, Deloitte, London



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