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We pride ourselves on not only providing the best quality diamonds in handmade designs at the best prices but also on providing as many independent guarantees as possible:

a) All our diamonds of 0.5 carat and above are certified by any one of the most reputable independent laboratories (e.g. GIA, HRD, AGS and the IGI. See FAQs for more on "How does the HRD compare to the GIA?" and on "How does IGI compare to GIA and HRD"?

This way you have independent verification of the quality of the diamond. Just one grade difference in colour or clarity can make > £500 in price in diamonds that are >1 carat so we do not like to be both judge of quality and the vendor.

b) Rob Van Buerden who handpicks the best cut diamonds, is a member of the main Diamond Bourse in Antwerp. There are only 1500 members worldwide across 23 countries so its an exclusive club of experts: Beurs voor Diamanthandel C.V.B.A.

Pelikaanstraat 78 ,B-2018 ,Antwerpen,Tel: +32 (0) 3 233.53.13, Fax: +32 (0) 3 233.53.13

Member Name: Rob Van Beurden, Member Number: VAN2414

Being a member of the Diamond Bourse is the highest honour, privilege and responsibility that is possible in the industry as members are bound by a strict code of ethics. For more information, see Antwerp Diamond Bourse.

c) We handpick our diamonds to maximise cut (as the quality of cut determines how well a diamond will sparkle). All our diamonds score the highest marks for proportions on grading reports - so no compromises here.

d) How do you know that the loose diamond we show you matches its grading report? All our diamonds of 0.5 carat and above are laser inscribed with the grading report number on the girdle so you can be assured that the loose diamond you chose matches the accompanying report. The laser inscribed number is so small that it can be viewed only with x14 loupe and so this does not affect the diamond in any other way.

e) Is it a natural diamond or lookalike or has it been treated to remove the inclusions e.g. by laser drilling? An imperfect low grade clarity diamond (I1 to I3) is worth considerably less than higher grades by as much as 80% the value of the top grade diamonds! Laser-drilling of imperfect I1-I3 grade diamonds can make them look like they are very high clarity e.g. VS to VVS...i.e. you would not be able to detect the inclusions under a loupe as they will have been removed but the value still remains as if it were a grade I1 to I3! ONLY expert graders can detect whether a diamond has been treated. Hence, we sell only certified diamonds so that you can be assured that they are natural diamonds.

f) We are committed to offering high-quality diamonds, sourced from the world's largest and best suppliers. As responsible citizens and jewellery merchants, we share the public's concern regarding conflict diamonds. Hence, we only purchase our diamonds through respected, well-established, legal channels. We support the efforts of the Diamond Council and any industry initiatives that seek to prevent the trade of diamonds from war-torn areas. We are encouraged by recent actions on this front, including the United Nations Security Council approval of Sierra Leone's diamond certification plan, and we will work with the jewellery industry to find the best way to enforce this.

g) Orders are secured with a 10% deposit - the rest is payable when the jewellery is completed to your satisfaction. Most clients pick up in person and pay the remaining balance. All jewellery that is to be delivered will need to be paid for 100% on completion before we Fedex it out. If for any reason you are not satisfied with remote ordered jewellery, you can return your item within 7 days in its original condition for a refund or exchange.

h) All our diamond jewellery comes with free aftercare service for the lifetime of the jewellery including any re-sizing of rings (except for full diamond eternity bands which have to be made exactly to size). In order to keep your jewellery looking at its best, you should come back to us for servicing (clean, polish and re-check diamond claws) at least once a year (ideally every six months).

i) Lifetime Trade-Up: For individual diamonds of 0.5 carat or more, we offer a life-time trade up: you get 100% of your diamondís purchase price (trade price is set in US dollars per carat), less applicable VAT and the cost of the jewellery setting, toward a more expensive diamond. The diamond and its grading report must be in their original undamaged condition.



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