Ring 75 Luxury Pear Diamond Ring

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Luxury Pear Diamond Ring

Stunning pear diamond solitaire with small round brilliant diamonds microset all around in a handcrafted ring in your choice of platinum or 18ct white/yellow/rose gold.

A pear diamond compliments those with long, slim fingers. A pear diamond looks LARGER than a round brilliant of the same carat weight. This picture shows a 0.71 D VS2 pear diamond. The microsetting enhances the size of the central diamond for example, it makes a 1+ carat diamond look like a 2+ carat diamond!

"Microset" means that each small diamond is precision set using a microscope so that it sits in its own individual prongs. It takes great skill and workmanship to make this design. Our design team is renowned throughout Antwerp for their skills with microsetting.

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