Design 131 Emerald cut diamond ring

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Design 131 Emerald cut and round brilliant diamond ring

Stunning emerald cut diamond solitaire with small round brilliant diamonds microset around the centre in a bespoke, tailor-made ring in your choice of platinum or 18ct white or 18ct yellow or 18ct rose gold. It takes great skill and workmanship for us to hand-create this ring – each small diamond is precision set using a microscope – the small diamonds around the centre enhance the visual apparent size of the central diamond so that a 1+ carat centre looks like the impact of a 2+ carat diamond. Very few designers have the skills to handcraft such designs and precision set by hand – our design team is renowned for their skill in making such rings. For the little diamonds the cost of setting each diamond is ca. 4-5 times the value of each small diamond and a handmade ring like this is more secure than cheaper mass-produced cast models which use a mould rather than a master designer to create the ring (as such skilled designers are rare). In contrast to our handmade microset rings, those made by cast micro pave tend to break off and this is the problem when you hear of loosing stones made by this method. In our case, we guarantee the small diamonds so will replace any should they fall out with wear over time. @ DanielG Ltd trading as Designs By Indigo 2012

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