Ring 27 Luxury oval diamond vintage-style ring

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Luxury oval diamond vintage-style ring

Oval diamond with small round brilliant diamonds microset all round on the top three sides of a handcrafted ring. "Microset" means that each small diamond is precision set using a microscope so that it sits in its own individual prongs. It takes great skill and workmanship to make this design.

This ring is designed to allow a wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring.

The picture shows a 1.03 carat F VS1 central oval diamond. Less than 1 in 1000 diamonds are cut into the oval shape and of these we select only 1 in 5 oval diamonds that are well-shaped and not too fat/thin or with too strong a bow-tie.

An oval diamond looks LARGER than the same carat round brilliant or the same carat of any square shape diamonds.

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