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Designs By Indigo in London is a direct supplier of the finest quality certified diamonds and luxury diamond jewellery from source in Antwerp at wholesale diamond prices. 8 out of 10 diamonds sold in UK, Europe and US originates from Antwerp.

1 carat oval diamond ring 7.56 carat emerald cut diamond with tapered baguettes 2 carat pear diamond ring
2 carat diamond earrings 1 carat cushion diamond ring 2 carat round brilliant diamond ring
3 carat princess cut eternity ring 1 carat princess cut diamond ring 2 carat asscher diamond ring

We have a diamond trade office in London where we meet clients by appointment only. Our main diamond office and showroom are in the diamond district of Antwerp where we have membership of the Diamond Bourse. It is important to note that we are not a retail shop but a diamond trade office. Shops sell ready-made jewellery - we sell loose diamonds and custom-made jewellery though we do have a small selection of ready items - these are the items on our Special Offers pages.

We buy directly from diamond cutters in Antwerp and hand-make to order so that we are able to offer:

As we have an in-house team of designers, platinum-smiths and goldsmiths – we can design and create any style of jewellery that you like or supply just the loose diamond, as you prefer.

Bespoke design and making is our standard and incurs no extra cost as we provide the jewelery-making at cost as an added-value service to our diamond clients.

There are now many online diamond vendors selling certified diamonds and there are also fine designers who tailor-make - we combine both services in one place so that you can get the best quality Antwerp diamonds in tailor-made designs for a direct from Antwerp price as well as local accountability and convenience in the UK.

The sad fact is, 75% of all round brilliant cut diamonds and 88% of all other fancy cut diamond shapes on the market are poorly proportioned to retain carat weight rather than to maximise sparkle. In contrast, we handpick our diamonds to maximise cut. All our diamonds have the highest grades for Cut proportions on independent diamond grading certificates - so no concessions here.

All our diamonds (from 0.5 carat upwards) are accompanied by a worldwide accepted diamond certificate (e.g. HRD, GIA or IGI) and are hand-picked to select only well-cut diamonds as it's the diamond Cut proportions which determine how well a diamond will sparkle.

We specialise in classic and bespoke designs that are not readily found in one place in the UK.

We specialise in diamond solitaires including: round brilliant diamonds and other diamond shapes such as: princess cut diamonds, pear shape diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, oval diamonds, heart shape diamonds, marquise shape diamonds, baguette cut diamonds and more.

Our clients are those who typically want quality, tailor-made pieces at competitive prices.

For people who want all the quality and style of the prestigious designer shops with twice the diamond or half the price combined with personalised service where each piece is individually tailored.

We also offer more independent guarantees for diamonds than many prestigious designer shops.

We also offer a free diamond appraisal and diamond valuation service.

You can meet with us in London or Antwerp to view and select from loose diamonds.

For some inspiration on unique and classic diamond engagement rings, diamond partner rings and eternity rings go to the "Diamond Rings Gallery" and to Men's Diamond Rings.

For classic diamond jewellery suitable for any occasion and as diamond gifts: e.g. diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces go to the Diamond Classic Jewellery.

To learn more about what makes a good diamond, see Diamond Education 4Cs. For answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on how to buy from us, see Diamond FAQs.

We also supply rare and exclusive diamonds as well as limited edition exclusive designer watches.

To plan your diamond purchase, see our Antwerp Diamond Calendar.

To find our more or arrange a visit to see us or email info@bestdiamonds.co.uk